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What makes the cookie crumble?

Since 1986, Uncle Ralph’s Bakery has been a producer of gourmet-level baked products. With family recipes in hand and a rented space in a local church kitchen, founders Peggy and Ralph Wight began baking cookies, finding customers and making deliveries. They called their company Uncle Ralph’s Cookies and sold their cookies throughout Frederick County, then expanding throughout the state of Maryland.

By 1992, Uncle Ralph’s was selling five million cookies a year and moved into a much larger commercial space. The company’s product line expanded to include a wide array of baked goods including brownies, assorted cakes and cupcakes just to name a few. Their market expanded as well, delivering into five mid- Atlantic states and the District of Columbia.

A true family business for 36 years, in early 2022, Peggy and Ralph decided to retire. They passed on the business to two long-term members of their management team, Richard “Rome” Ramsburg and Tom Rogers. As the present owners, they have kept the family business, with members of their families involved as employees and consultants. To reflect our wide variety of gourmet baked products, the company has been renamed Uncle Ralph’s Bakery with the tag line “it all started with a cookie” to honor how the business began.

Our goals remain, as always: to offer top quality baked products at reasonable prices, to provide meaningful jobs to our employees, and to be a committed, contributing member of our community for many years to come.

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